Aggressive MC Stockholm

Bad breed MC Stockholm

Bear Jaw MC Trestad

Invicto MC Småland

Kvillebäcken MC Göteborg

Southern Bikers MC Eslöv

Southern Bikers MC Helsingborg

Southern Bikers MC Höganäs



August 20th, 2016, the day RGF (short for RED AND GOLD FAMILY) was founded and started up.  RGF started with a desire to build a big and strong brotherhood of bikers who live for club life and love the open roads.  6 supporter clubs of Bandidos MC wanted to do something together, build a community that was significantly larger than their own club. This resulted in RGF.  Today, RGF is larger than it were from the start and we have a strong brotherhood that extends across our elongated country, Sweden. Today we have also started up the RGF local division, which is a locally based RGF organization.




RGF 2020