History of Bandidos MC Karlstad

This epic story starts back in 2002 when “Punk” and “Bullen” together with some other guys started X-Team Säffle. “Bullen” joined X-team already back in 2000 in Göteborg.

2003 they started a Prospect chapter in Säffle and a year later on the 11th of June 2004 Bandidos Säffle saw the first light as a probationary chapter.

Shortly after that “Crille” joined as Hangaround in October 2004 as the first non-original member.

From here things moved along and then Bandidos Säffle reached full status in Bandido Nation.

2009 the chapter moved to Karlstad and is still residing in Karlstad.

Karlstad4 VLUU L210 / Samsung L210 Crille1Karlstad11 Karlstad 12 Karlstad5 Karlstad10