In 2010 Bandido Roger Bandido Robin started with more, as well as Bandido Punk, No Surrender in Vänersborg. until 2012, we started Chicanos sweden. It was later wiped out to several Chicanos chapters in Sweden. In 2013, we also helped in tripad to start Chicanos in Norway. In 2014, we patched to become a prospect chapter in Bandidos nation. By 2015, Bandidos Sweden decided that we would become a probationary chapter. Meanwhile, we grew stronger with several supporters. and in 2016 we finally became a full Bandidos chapter, we are growing stronger for each day, and we continue.

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Since 12.11.2016.

Bandidos Motorcycleclub Sweden had our New FULL PATCH chapter: Bandidos MC “TRESTAD” BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS. Well done BROTHERS!! Love Loyalty and Respect. BMC Sweden.



Bandidos MC Sweden has a new probationary chapter “Bandidos MC Trestad”.

Congratulations for your new status. Awesome work!