Invicto MC Småland



In 2018, BMC& RGF worked out a world-new concept – this local division
is part of RGF
the concept was presented to a couple of bikers in Småland in January
2019. There was strong interest shown immediately and more friends with
the same interest joined quickly.

The name Invicto fell naturally and means undefeated.  April 19, we
officially became the first local division club.
In 2019, more official bikers joined with experience from other clubs.

At the end of year 2019-2020, Invicto had 6 members, 1 probationary
member and 1 prospect member. The discussion of changing the colors to
Redand Gold and merge into RGF has started. Everyone agrees on this
result that we are going to search into merging into RGF.

We officially voted to merge with RGF and get the new colors 22/2/20