Bear Jaw MC Trestad




Bear jaw mc trestad history


It starts late 2016 a groupe of old friends start seeing each other and
wanted to build a brotherhood and ride motorcycle together.
We was already friends With the bandidos and the colors of red and gold
was the only way our heart will go. We like the concept of RGF ( red and
gold family) and we have already meet some of the clubs around in
sweden, but it was one club we feel they are like us and that was Bear
jaw mc skara, we start to seeing each other and later we will start a
Bear jaw mc trestad chapter.
We become a Probationary chapter and start building our club and more
old friends wanted to join us.
In januari 2018 we been accepted as a full patched club and become full
members in RGF, and today we still let new members join the club and
getting the club bigger and better for every day.