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Having a National Run in the south of France, so many brothers, friends and family together with a whole city. In northern Europe the police and Gournment has turned “ordinary” people against us with multiple lies and manipulation for decades, and only because of money. Had this event been in Denmark, the police and military would have had a massive presence, as in Arles in the south of France, it took 2 police cars. You do the math and try and find any logic to this, not to mention the waste of money for absolutly nothing, but to get an even higher budget for next year! Its hereby proven that the police and government are waisting money in nothern Europe, and could learn a lot from their French colleagues, or just a simple communication course. Thanx to Arles City for having us, and thanx for a good National Run 2017.

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It was good to see all the brothers from the world!! The time is always to short for spend the moment with the brothers. But we can see what we are, and we are the best Motorcycle Club in the world, brotherhood first class.


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A BIG FAT THANX TO NATIONAL CHAPTER EUROPE FORE ANOTHER FANTASTIC NATIONAL RUN. Must appreciation to all involved in organising this massive annual event. Thank you for a good party!



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