Southern Bikers MC


“Southern Bikers MC Helsingborg” changed their colours to Gold & Red.

“Bandidos MC Sweden” would like to welcome “Southern Bikers” to the Red & Gold family.

5 Years Anniversery´s

5th Anniversary of Bandidos MC Chapters in Sweden

5th Anniversary from the Chapters Gothenburg, Hisingen, Bandidos MC Malmö South and Bandidos MC Boras West GothiaIn August the swedish Chapters Gotheburg Hisingen, Malmö South and Boras West Gothia celebrated together their 5. Anniversary. A big fat Congratulation to the Chapters.

This is for the Chapters a new milestone in their Bandidos Life

The party started on Friday because a lot of brothers from Europe were coming. The swedish brothers and their supporters organized a very good party and so all guest have a lot of fun during the party. The party was so good, that a lot of brothers celebrated until the sun came up again. Some brothers don´t wanted to leave the party.

On Saturday all Bandidos started to a massive run with the bikes trough the city of Gothenborg. They stopped at the tombstone of our departed Brother Bandido Cliff 1%er ENM to pay a silent minute of Love, Loyalty and Respect.

New probationary chapter Borlänge

Clubhouse Opening and Patch Party in Borlänge / Sweden

In the city of Borlänge the Prospect Chapter Borlänge celebrated the opening of their new clubhouse.

Many brothers and friends from all over Sweden attended. The weather was excellent with lots of sun and a clear blue sky.

The evening started with a run through Borlänge city. The run went very good without the usual police problem.

After the run there was a barbecue and the support club Chicanos Dalarna showed up from their national meeting in Philipstad.

At the evening Nomad Bandido Ridde1%er and EL Secretario Europe Bandido Andreas1%er announced that Prospect Chapter Borlänge now is Probationary Chapter Borlänge.

Probationary Chapter Borlänge thanks Nomad Bandido Ridde1%er for all his help and hard work to pull this through.

The party lasted all night long.



A 1%er is one of hundred of us who has given up on society and politicians one-way-laws. This is why we may look repulsive (to you). We’re saying we don’t want to be like you or look like you. “So stay out of our face!”

Look at your Brother standing next to you and ask yourself if you would give him half of what you have in your pocket, or half of what you have to eat. If a citizen hits your Brother will you be on him without asking why? There is no way your Brother is always right but he is always your Brother! It’s one for all and all for one. If you don’t think this way then walk away. Because you are a citizen and don’t belong with us.

We are Bandidos and members will follow the Bandidos way or get out. All members are your Brothers and your family. You will not steal your Brothers possessions, money or women, class or his humor. If you do this your Brother will do you.