History of Bandidos MC Borlänge

X-Team Falun is founded at the year end 2000/2001. In 2003, some of the X-Team Falun members joins together with Prospect Chapter Saffle (current BMC Karlstad). In early 2004 Prospect Chapter Falun is formed. Prospect Chapter Falun becomes Probationary Chapter Falun in September 17 2005. Probationary Chapter Falun becomes Probationary Chapter Ludvika at spring 2006. Probationary Chapter Ludvika becomes fullpatch Chapter, BMC Sweden, in August 2006. BMC Ludvika becomes BMC Borlänge at summer 2007. November 2009 the chapter is divided into two parts; BMC Borlänge and Prospect Chapter Ludvika. BMC Borlänge is closed down at summer 2010. Prospect Chapter Ludvika remains and becomes Prospect Chapter Borlänge at spring 2014.